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The Story Behind  “It mostly started in 1991,” explained Gaiman. “Charles and I won the world fantasy award for Sandman 19: A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We were out in Tucson, Arizona where we actually astonished ourselves and everybody else by winning the award. We astonished everybody else to the point that the judges, the secret committee behind the judging, got together the following morning and changed the rules so it could never happen again

“That night I went out to a party held by a lady by the name of Terry Windling out in the desert. And in the Tucson desert, I got to watch a falling star. In England, they’re just sort of a streak of light across the sky. I discovered if you’re in the Tucson desert and you watch, it’s like this little diamond coming down. You go, ‘My God, that was….,’ just watching it. I thought, ‘What if you went to get that falling star?’ And then I thought, ‘And what if it wasn’t a star, it was a girl. And what if she had a broken leg and a foul-temper and …

Lincoln MKX, Ford Edge: To Be Offered At Low Prices

The Ford Motor Company has now come up with a new plan so as to bring up their declining sales. With the 2007 crossovers hot and very attractive in the auto market, the company is making sure that when they do send out these new crossovers to dealers and showrooms, they would be coming with tag prices that would surely have retail customers coming in to purchase one for themselves.

Now, according to Cisco Codina, who is the group vice president of the company for marketing, sales, and service in the North America area, “Our intent is to have good leases and good pricing. We do not plan to have any visible cash on those vehicles.”

And what vehicles are these, you may ask? The new crossovers to be offered with low prices are the 2007 Ford Edge and the 2007 Lincoln MKX. And both of these vehicles would be surely available come November this year. However, the company still yet has to give out what the prices on these new and blazing vehicles would be. Rumors have it, though, that they wo…